Entire Directory Listing of IEPA Employees

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First Name Last Name Phone Email Bureau
Ali Abdoulaye 217-558-1500 Ali.Abdoulaye@illinois.gov Bureau of Air
Eric Ackerman 309-671-3076 Eric.Ackerman@illinois.gov Bureau of Water
Laurel Adams 217-558-1312 Laurel.Adams@illinois.gov Bureau of Air
Dan Adomaitis 217-557-2482 Dan.Adomaitis@illinois.gov  
Rick Aherin 217-782-1661 Rick.Aherin@illinois.gov Division of Records Management
Beverly Albarracin 217-524-3289 Beverly.Albarracin@illinois.gov Bureau of Land
Hernando Albarracin 217-524-2448 Hernando.Albarracin@illinois.gov Bureau of Land
Debbie Alderman 217-785-6858 Debbie.Alderman@illinois.gov Bureau of Water
Heidi Allen 217-782-1646 Heidi.Allen@illinois.gov Bureau of Water
Robin Ambrose 217-785-6309 Robin.Ambrose@illinois.gov Bureau of Land
Richard Amoako 217-782-0444 Richard.Amoako@illinois.gov Bureau of Land
Mohamed Anane 217-785-1884 Mohamed.Anane@illinois.gov Bureau of Air
Allen Anderson 847-294-4041 Allen.Anderson@illinois.gov Bureau of Water
Beverly Anderson 217-782-9516 Beverly.Anderson@illinois.gov Bureau of Water
Julie Armitage 217-782-9846 Julie.Armitage@illinois.gov Bureau of Air

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