Brownfields Assistance Database Search Page

The Office of Brownfields Assistance ("OBA") database identifies the status of all Municipal Brownfields Redevelopment Grant (MBRG) project sites administered through OBA. The database may be searched by the 10-digit Illinois EPA identification (Land Pollution Control "LPC") number, site name, or municipality. You may search by entering a 10 digit number, any part of the site name, or choose a city/municipality from the drop-down/select list box. Site name information will search for any part of the name entered... the more information, the more precise (narrower) the search.

A successful search may return one or many records based upon the method you choose below (an unsuccessful search will indicate No records returned). The data results will also allow you to select the LPC # hyperlink (underscored in blue) which will display additional information (SRP data) about a selected site. Please read our disclaimer statement for more information.


Database updated: 2/11/2010

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