Solid Waste Database Search

This site is designed to inform the public about applications submitted, or permits issued by the IEPA. The IEPA issues permits for the management of non-hazardous waste at landfills, transfer stations, compost, and waste storage, treatment, processing, and recovery facilities.

On the search results page, the Log # is linked to a brief description of the application. The main identifiers for applications are:

  1. The official BOL name of the site
  2. The closest city to the site
  3. The county where the facility is located
  4. The BOL-Permit Section generated Log No., which is the year the application was received plus a 3-digit number issued sequentially through the year.
  5. The Site No., which is a 10-digit number that is unique to each specific facility. However, if more than one solid waste facility is on a property, they may have the same site number.

Search for Active or Inactive applications by County or Site Name "Active" means an application is pending for the site. "Inactive" means that there are no applications currently pending, but there maybe applications for which the IEPA has taken final action (issued, denied, or withdrawn).

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