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The State Response Action Program database identifies the status of all sites under the responsibility of the Illinois EPA's State Sites Unit. The database may be searched by the 10-digit Illinois Environmental Protection Agency identification number (" Site ID"). Searching by the Site ID is the surest and quickest way to find site information. As an alternative, the database may be searched by the site name or the city the site is located in.

A successful search will return one or more records (an unsuccessful search will indicate No records returned). The Site ID will appear as a hyperlink (underscored in blue). Click on the hyperlinked Site ID to display additional information about a selected site.

Enter your search criteria from one of the queries below:
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By providing this information, neither the State of Illinois nor any agency thereof nor any of their employees or officers makes any representation of any kind as to whether any person, party or other entity herein identified or referred to in any way is subject to, in or out of compliance with, or has any rights or obligations pursuant to any law or regulation. 

Database Current as of  2/3/2014 1:05:22 PM

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