Used Tire Unit Database Search Pages

Search options for the Used Tire Database are listed below. A successful search may return one or more records (an unsuccessful search will indicate No Records Returned).

UTU Database Search Options:

Site Numbers Find retailers, storage sites, Illinois registered transporters, out-of-state transporters, and tire inspections by site number.
Retailers Find retailers by region, county, facility name, city, or zip code
Storage Sites Find storage sites by region, county, facility name, city, or zip code
Illinois Transporters Find registered commercial transporters by county, transporter name, or city
Out-of-State Transporters Find out-of-state transporters by state, transporter name, or city
Transporter Numbers Search by transporter registration number or site name
Tire Inspections Search by inspection type, county, site name, city, zip code, or date range
Transporter Applications Search active transporter registration applications by transporter registration number, name, or date received

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