Agency Facility Inventory and Information Search System (AFIIS)

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Environmental Justice status is now available in the right most column of the search result page.
The following results will be shown after you initiate a permit search.
Yes: The site is considered EJ
No: The site is not considered EJ
Pending: Data for this site is being analyzed

Tip: Less is best! Start with just a little information in one or more of the fields below. You can always come back and add/refine your search.
Bureau / Interest ID Number   any part of the ID number (if known)
Main / Organization Name   any part of the name (if known)
Site / Location Name   any part of the name (if known)
Street   any part of the street address (if know)
City   any part of the city (if known)
Zip Code (if known)
Agency ID Enter the entire 12 characters [i.e. 170000123456]
USEPA ID Enter any beginning portion of the number [i.e., ILD10...]

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